Banquette Seating

Plan drawing of banquette seating with dimensions for minimum and recommended table sizes and clearances

Banquette Seating is a space efficient dining layout that pairs a continuous bench (typically upholstered) with moveable tables and chairs to seat a maximum amount of people in a restaurant. Typically attached to a wall  or backed by another set of banquette seats, banquettes provide simple and flexible options for various party sizes and privacy demands that can be rearranged by combining tables for larger groups, or further separating tables for greater privacy.

Minimum banquette seating clearances space tables 12”-14” (31-36 cm) apart, which is the depth of an average human, and require an overall zone of 36”-38” (91-97 cm) per table. For better privacy, recommended clearances for banquette seating separate tables by 24” (61 cm) and require an overall area of 54” (137 cm) per table.


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Minimum Clearances:
Table Spacing: 12”-14” | 31-36 cm
Table Width: 24” | 61 cm
Table Depth: 30” | 76 cm
Overall Table Zone: 36”-38” | 91-97 cm

Recommended Clearances:
Table Spacing: 24” | 61 cm
Table Width: 30” | 76 cm
Table Depth: 30” | 76 cm
Overall Table Zone: 54” | 137 cm



Drawings include:
Banquette Seating minimum plan (tables), minimum (people), privacy (tables), privacy (people)

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