Restaurant Seating Arrangements

Floorplans of three variations of Restaurant Seating Arrangements with dimensions for clearances between tables

Restaurants have a few different options for their seating layouts to provide privacy to their guests while maintaining proper circulation in the restaurants. Tables can be angled or perpendicular. The layout of the seating can affect the overall atmosphere of the restaurant and should be taken into consideration by the interior designer.


*Under Development*


Service Aisle: 2’6”-3’ | 76-91 cm
Passage: 1’6” | 46 cm
No Passage: 0-6” | 15 cm



Drawings include:
Restaurant Seating Arrangements plan layout (perpendicular groups), plan (angled groups), plan (mixed groups)

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Restaurants are spaces for food and beverage service and preparation. Organized differently depending on the type of food service model, restaurant layouts attempt to optimize seating arrangements, group sizes, circulation patterns, waiting areas, and degrees of comfort and privacy.

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