Bozeman Room Divider

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Bozeman Room Divider with height, width and depth measurements

The Bozeman Room Divider adds a modern farmhouse charm to a space; its louvered panels are akin to barnyard shutters, and the gray-washed finish adds a weathered character. Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse designed the piece to isolate space, conceal unsightly areas, and add privacy where needed.

The Bozeman Room Divider has an overall height of 71” (180 cm), width of 67” (170 cm), and panel depth of 1” (2.5 cm).


*Under Development*

71” | 180 cm
67” | 170 cm
1” | 2.5 cm
Weathered wood
Laurel Foundry

Drawings include:
Bozeman Room Divider front elevation, side, plan

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A room divider is a semi-permanent partition that allows for a space to be split up in separate areas. While dividing screens and doors are often used in residential homes, large room dividers are more often used in venues where multiple activities may run concurrently and require separate spaces.