Shondra Room Divider

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Shondra Room Divider with height, width and depth measurements

The Shondra Room Divider creates a definition of space in a home while creating a modern aesthetic with its single panel slatted design. Designed by Union Rustic, the divider is constructed from solid wood and aluminum, and it comes assembled and ready to use.

The Shondra Room Divider has an overall height of 72” (183 cm), width of 60” (152 cm), and panel depth of 3” (8 cm).


*Under Development*

72” | 183 cm
60” | 152 cm
3” | 8 cm
Solid wood screen slats; aluminum structure
Union Rustic

Drawings include:
Shondra Room Divider front elevation, side, plan

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A room divider is a semi-permanent partition that allows for a space to be split up in separate areas. While dividing screens and doors are often used in residential homes, large room dividers are more often used in venues where multiple activities may run concurrently and require separate spaces.