Cosm Chair - Mid-Back

Collection of plan and elevation drawings of the Mid-Back Cosm Chair with range of overall dimensions

The Cosm Chair (Mid Back) is one of three different back styles of Cosm chairs; it is the middle of the line in back height, providing better back support to people who are average height, than the Cosm Chair – Low Back might. The chair was designed in 2017 by Studio 7.5, a Berlin-based design team with a focus on freedom of movement.

The Mid-Back Cosm Chair has an overall height of 38.9”-45.5” (99-116 cm), width of 26.75” (68 cm), and depth of 26.75” (68 cm). The seat height of the Mid-Back Cosm Chair is adjustable between 14.8”-21.4” (38-54 cm) with arms set at 7.3”-11.7” (19-30 cm) above the seat.


*Under Development*

38.9”-45.5” | 99-116 cm
26.75” | 68 cm
26.75” | 68 cm
Seat Height:
14.8”-21.4” | 38-54 cm
Arm Height:
7.3”-11.7” | 19-30 cm above seat
Injection-molded polypropylene frame; polyester elastomeric seat mesh; powder-coated or polished aluminum base
Studio 7.5


Drawings include:
Mid-Back Cosm Chair side elevation, front, back, plan, side (business person)


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