Collection of drawings of the Lino Chair with measurements for height, width, depth and seat height in multiple views

The Lino Chair is an office chair by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin from London and made of aluminum, steel, and plastic frames with a wide variety of upholstery options. Its high performance and dual suspension gives a user total spinal support and provide enough personal balance and dynamic fit. It is built with ergonomics principles in mind to offer great value and comfort at an affordable price. The Lino chair is mostly visible in a working environment such as offices, home offices, co-working spaces, and conference rooms for visitors and guests. It is relaxing and can fit into small places and its materials have a limited effect on the environment.

The Lino Chair has an adjustable overall height between 40”-44” (102-112 cm), width of 27" (69 cm) , and depth of 27” (69 cm). The seat height of the Lino Chair is also adjustable between 16.75”-20.75” (43-53 cm).


*Under Development*

40”-44” | 102-112 cm
27” | 69 cm
27” | 69 cm
Seat Height:
16.75”-20.75” | 43-53 cm
Arm Height:

Frame (steel, aluminum, plastic); plastic back mesh; polyurethane foam seat with wool upholstery; nylon casters
Kim Colin & Sam Hecht


Drawings include:
Lino Chair side elevation, front, back, plan, side (man sitting)


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Office chairs, or desk chairs, are adjustable chairs designed specifically for performing desk tasks with features that offer a high degree of adjustability in response to individual ergonomic preferences and the height and stature of the user.