LEM Piston Stool

Collection of elevation and plan drawings of the LEM Piston Stool with height, width, and depth dimensions

The LEM Piston stool is a sculptural, swivel, adjustable height stool; though the main objective of the stool was functionality, the stool also has an essence of visual lightness due to its “barely there” appearance. The LEM Piston Stool was designed by Shin and Tomoko Azumi before they split to pursue solo practices.

The LEM Piston Stool has an adjustable overall height between 29.5”-33.75” (75-86 cm), width of 14” (35.5 cm), and depth of 16.5” (42 cm). The seat height of the LEM Piston Stool is flexible between 26.5”-31” (67-79 cm).


*Under Development*

29.5”-33.75” | 75-86 cm
14” | 35.5 cm
16.5” | 42 cm
Seat Height:
26.5”-31” | 67-79 cm
Powder-coated or chromed steel column; zinc or powder-coated metal base; stainless steel or plywood veneer seat
Shin & Tomoko Azumi


Drawings include:
LEM Piston Stool front elevation, side, plan


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Stools are a piece of furniture that consist of a single seat for one person and a base of one or multiple legs. Traditionally, stools were differentiated from chairs by their lack of a back, but modern variations and definitions of stools may now include designs with arms and backs.