Two Row Galley Kitchens

Two Row Galley Kitchen layouts are space efficient designs that combine kitchen fixtures into a pair of optimized linear bars. Designed similarly to Single Row Galley Kitchens, Double Row Galley Kitchens require an interior centralized zone that provides user access to each side.

A clearance width between 4’-6’ (1.2-1.8 m) should be provided between the two linear bars to allow users to use and access the kitchen equipment comfortably. Two Row Galley Kitchens have linear lengths that range from 7’-12.5’ (2.1-3.8 m) and should be planned with an overall area of roughly 108 ft2 (10 m2).

What is a Galley Kitchen layout?
Galley Kitchens are kitchen layouts that combine all of the various kitchen fixtures into efficient linear bars. Galley kitchen layouts can be designed as single row or double rows and require a parallel clear space or corridor for user movement and access.
How much clearance is required in front of a Two Row Galley Kitchen?
A clearance width between 4’-6’ | 1.2-1.8 m should be provided in front of a Double Row Galley Kitchen to provide sufficient access to the kitchen equipment.
How big is a Two Row Galley Kitchen?
Two Row Galley Kitchens should be sized with an area of roughly 108 ft2 | 10 m2. Galley kitchens commonly have a linear length of 7’-12.5’ | 2.1-3.8 m with a clearance width that varies between 4’-6’ | 1.2-1.8 m.


*Under Development*


Length: 12’6” | 3.81 m
Depth (Overall): 8’8” | 2.64 m
Counter Depth: 2’ | .61 m
Clearance: 4’ | 1.22 m minimum
Area: 108 ft2 | 10 m2



Drawings include:
Galley | Two Row Kitchen plan

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Kitchen layouts are designed to adapt to many floor planning scenarios and can be adjusted accordingly. These standard types of kitchen layouts offer flexibility around your spatial and structural constraints while meeting the standard proportions and sizes of the kitchen fixtures themselves.

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