IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa

Collection of drawings of the IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa with height, width, depth, and seat height dimensions

The IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa comes with storage space below the seat for tucking various items. It also converts easily into a spacious bed by pulling up the underframe and folding down the backrest. You can also change both the back and the depth of the seat to support your needs.

Set of elevation and plan drawings of the IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa in the open position for sleeping purposes

The IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa has an overall height of 31.125" (79 cm), width of 90.5” (230 cm), depth of 39” (99 cm), and seat height of 17.375” (44 cm). When open, the IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa has an overall size of 90.5” x 55.125” (230 x 140 cm).


*Under Development*

31.125" | 79 cm
90.5” | 230 cm
39” | 99 cm
Seat Height:
17.375” | 44 cm
Arm Height:
25.375” | 64 cm

Open Size: 90.5” x 55.125” | 230 x 140 cm

Solid wood, particleboard, and plywood frame; polyester blend cover
K & M Hagberg


Drawings include:
IKEA Holmsund Sleeper Sofa front elevation, side, plan, side (open), plan (open)


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A futon, also known as a sofa bed or sleeper sofa, is a convertible mattress used for bedding or seating. As a flexible and less expensive option for individuals on a budget or in a smaller space, the futon is a common sight in studios, college dorm rooms, and guest bedrooms alike.