IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit - 2x4

Dimensioned set of drawings of the IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit 2x4 with height, width and depth measurements in plan and elevation

The IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit (2x4) is highly versatile and can easily be customized with drawers, shelves, boxes, and inserts. This design features 8 storage cubes and the unit can be positioned vertically or horizontally. It is available in 8 different finishes allowing it to blend into a user’s space.

Pair of elevation drawings of the IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit 2x4 with storage inserts

The IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit 2x4 has an overall height of 57.875” (147 cm), width of 30.375” (77.2 cm), and depth of 15.375” (39.1 cm).


*Under Development*

57.875” | 147 cm
30.375” | 77.2 cm
15.375” | 39.1 cm

Max Shelf Load: 29 lb | 13.15 kg

Particleboard; fiberboard; acrylic paint; ABS plastic
Tord Björklund (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit 2x4 front elevation, side, plan, front (storage)


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