IKEA Nordli Headboard

Collection of front and side elevation drawings of the IKEA Nordli Headboard with height, width, depth, and bed heights

The IKEA Nordli Headboard is both convenient and pleasant to look at from the horizontal panels that are separated to give it a spacious aesthetic and its unique soft-felt padded storage shelves and boxes that can be rearranged to your liking. The shelves are more for smaller items to keep in place while the boxes are for lamps and books.

The IKEA Nordli Headboard has a height of 33.125” (84 cm) and depth of 1.625” (4 cm). The IKEA Nordli Headboard comes in widths of 94.5” and 107.875” (240, 274 cm).


*Under Development*

33.125” | 84 cm
94.5”, 107.875” | 240, 274 cm
1.625” | 4 cm
Particleboard panels; fiberboard structure; powder-coated steel shelves
Ola Wihlborg (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Nordli Headboard front elevations, side

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A headboard is a wall mounted or standalone furniture piece that rests at or above the head of a bed. The headboard was originally used as an added layer of insulation in the bedroom to keep a sleeper warm and protected from any cold drafts that could occur inside a poorly insulated house.