Sheryl Open-Frame Headboard

Set of various sized elevation drawings of the Sheryl Open-Frame Headboard with height, width and common bed heights

The Sheryl Open-Frame Headboard features an eye-catching design inspired by an artistic retro look. The frames rest easy on the eyes with its elegant rounded ovals within the inner headboard. Having the openness of the headboard, this creates opportunities to decorate and make the frame unique to you.

The Sheryl Open-Frame Headboard has an overall height of 59” (150 cm) and depth of .75” (2 cm). The Sheryl Open-Frame Headboard comes in widths of 55.8” and 61.8” (142, 157 cm).


*Under Development*

59” | 150 cm
55.8”, 61.8” | 142, 157 cm
.75” | 2 cm
Metal frame
Willa Arlo


Drawings include:
Sheryl Open-Frame Headboard front elevations

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A headboard is a wall mounted or standalone furniture piece that rests at or above the head of a bed. The headboard was originally used as an added layer of insulation in the bedroom to keep a sleeper warm and protected from any cold drafts that could occur inside a poorly insulated house.