IKEA Olskär Bathroom Faucet

Elevation and plan drawings of the IKEA Olskär Bathroom Faucet measuring heights and depths

The IKEA Olskär Bathroom Faucet reduces water bills, is durable, and is easy to clean. Water is released by pulling up the lever. It is a great bathroom faucet for a compact sink and small bathroom spaces, as it does not stand out. Its design is minimal and is made from chrome-plated brass.

The IKEA Olskär Bathroom Faucet has an overall height of 4.75” (12 cm), spout height of 2” (5 cm), depth of 3.875” (10 cm), and width of 1.875” (5 cm).


*Under Development*

4.75” | 12 cm
1.875” | 5 cm
3.875” | 10 cm
Height (Spout):
2” | 5 cm

Chrome plated brass

Drawings include:
IKEA Olskär Bathroom Faucet side elevation, front, plan, side (sink)

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Bathroom Faucets are bathroom fixtures designed specifically around bathroom functions such as washing hands, shaving, or brushing teeth. Sized and proportioned in relation to standard bathroom sinks, bathroom faucets are smaller and more utilitarian than kitchen faucets.