IKEA Rättviken Bathroom Sink

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the IKEA Rättviken Bathroom Sink with height, width, and length measurements

The IKEA Rättvken Bathroom Sink is a durable sink that is made for a single user. This sink is wide and offers lots of counter space to hold various toiletries. It also has a small ledge on all side minimizing water spillage onto the floor. The Rättviken Bathroom sink fits within the design of any bathroom.

Scaled plan illustrations of the IKEA Rättviken Bathroom Sink in all available sizes

The IKEA Rättviken Bathroom Sink has an overall height of 2.375" (6 cm), widths between 24.375”-40.125” (62.9-102 cm), and a depth of 19.25” (48.9 cm). The bowl of the IKEA Rättviken Bathroom Sink has a depth of 3.875” (10 cm).

Set of scaled drawings of the IKEA Rättviken Bathroom Sink with faucet installed


*Under Development*

2.375" | 6 cm
24.375”-40.125” | 62.9-102 cm
19.25” | 48.9 cm
Depth (Bowl):
3.875” | 10 cm

Width (Thin): 24.375” | 62.9 cm

Width (Standard): 32.25” | 81.9 cm

Width (Wide): 40.125” | 102 cm

Ceramic; stainless steel strainer
T Christensen / K Legaard (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Rättviken Bathroom Sink (multiple sizes) front elevation, side, plan

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Bathroom sinks, also known as washbasins, washbowls, or hand basins, are fixtures primarily used for bathroom activities such as washing hands, faces, shaving, and brushing teeth. Sinks are comprised of a faucet, or tap, connected to a water supply, and a basin with a drain.