Casino Slot Machines

Drawing with dimensions of a row of Slot Machines with a seated gambler playing

Casino slot machines are gambling machines where a game of slots is played by inserting coins and pulling a handle to randomize a final alignment of spinning symbols. If the resulting combination is a winner a payoff is dropped into a coin holder for the player’s reward. Slot machines are popular gaming machines on every casino gambling floor and can range in types from the traditional reels machine to themed computerized slots and video machines.

Slot machines range in dimensions but are traditionally around 30” (76 cm) deep and 74” (188 cm) high. General clearances of 52” (132 cm) should be provided for the machine and chair and aisle clearances should be fixed at a minimum of 36” (92 cm) wide for accessibility.


*Under Development*

74” | 188 cm
30” | 76 cm

Depth (with seat): 52.0” | 132 cm
Height (Seat): 27.0” | 68.5 cm
Aisle Clearance: 36.0” | 92 cm minimum



Drawings include:
Slot Machines side elevation, side (sitting gambler)


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Gaming machines are fixed electronic machines where a variety of games can be played. Typically referring to the machines used in casinos and arcades, gaming machines often involve the exchange of payment for the opportunity to play the game.