IKEA Själland Reclining Chair

Collection of elevation and plan drawings of the IKEA Själland Reclining Chair with heights, width, and depth dimensions

The Själland Reclining Chair is an outdoor foldable reclining chair that can be adjusted to six different positions. Designed by David Wahl, the chair is sturdy, lightweight, and maintenance free, and it comes pre-assembled for immediate use. A chair pad can be purchased for additional comfort.

Pair of plan and elevation drawings of the IKEA Själland Reclining Chair in reclined positions

The IKEA Själland Reclining Chair has an overall height of 43.25” (110 cm), width of 22.875” (58 cm), and depth of 29.5” (75 cm). The seat height of the IKEA Själland Reclining Chair is set at 16.5” (42 cm) with arms at a height of 25.25” (64 cm).


*Under Development*

43.25” | 110 cm
22.875” | 58 cm
29.5” | 75 cm
Seat Height:
16.5” | 42 cm
Arm Height:
25.25” | 64 cm
Solid eucalyptus wood seat and back; aluminum frame
David Wahl (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Själland Reclining Chair side elevation, front, back, plan, side (reclined), plan (reclined)


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Recliners, or reclining chairs, are adjustable chairs with footrests and backs that can be raised and lowered by the user. Typically paired with a living room sofa, recliners were originally introduced as furniture pieces that could transform between being a chair, a chaise longue, or a bed.