One | Single Lift Elevator Bank

Drawings of Single-Lift Elevator sizes with dimensions and people for scale

Single car elevators are common lifts used in small to medium sized commercial applications. Best used for smaller structures, a single car elevator system can come in a variety of car sizes to meet desired human, furniture, and equipment loads. Single car elevator banks are generally used in buildings without high peak daily traffic or volume demands.

The dimensions and sizes listed here are for preliminary design layout planning only. For detailed sizing, capacities, and support requirements, consult directly with the manufacturer.

Diagram drawings of multiple sizes of Single-Lift Elevator Cars


*Under Development*


Small Car: 6’ x 5’ | 1.83 x 1.53 m
Medium Car:
7’ x 5’ | 2.14 x 1.53 m
Large Car:
7’ x 5’6” | 2.14 x 1.68 m
X-Large Car:
7’ x 6’2” | 2.14 x 1.88 m
X-Large Freight:
5’8” x 8’9” | 1.73 x 2.67



Drawings include:
One Lift Elevator plans, plans (people)

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Elevators, or lifts, should be specified and arranged around a series of design factors that include: occupancy type, speed and quantity of traffic, total vertical distance to be traveled, and the desired time and speed of travel.

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