Random | Uncoursed Rubble Masonry

Random uncoursed rubble stone masonry is made by stacking broken stones of widely different sizes and qualities. Considered the cheapest and roughest type of stone masonry, random uncoursed rubble masonry is typically made up of stones pulled directly from the land with minimal efforts used to to prepare the corners of the stones before they are laid. Large stones are laid first and the spaces between are followed with smaller broken stones. Random rubble masonry is laid with discontinuous but roughly level courses with expressed faces to emphasize the natural qualities of the stone shapes.


*Under Development*


Process: Minimal tooling; breaking off weak corners
Found: Direct from land or quarry
Uses: Low walls
Style: Natural



Drawings include:
Random | Uncoursed Rubble Stone Masonry wall elevation

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Stone masonry is a form of construction using natural stone and mortar to make load-bearing and non-bearing walls. Stone masonry types are distinguished by how tooled the stones are and whether the stones are laid in consistent mortared horizontal courses or organized in random or uncoursed ways.

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