Ricoh IM C4500 Color Laser Multifunctional Printer

Drawings of the front and plan views of a MFP Performance Laser Printer with dimensions for length, height, and depth

Performance Laser Multifunctional Printers (MFP) are essential pieces of high-end office equipment that combine a range of printing devices into a flexible standing workstation. Already merging the functions of printing, copying, faxing, and scanning into a single device, Performance MFP’s are further customized through the addition of accessory paper cabinets, feeders, finishers, and punchers.

Performance Laser MFPs vary drastically by individual customization, but a typical Performance MFP setup often has an overall width of 63.5” (161.3 cm), depth of 25.75” (65.4 cm), and height of 47” (119.4 cm).


*Under Development*

47” | 119.4 cm
63.5” | 161.3 cm
25.75” | 65.4 cm


Drawings include:
MFP Performance Laser Printer front elevation, front (male office worker), plan


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Office equipment refers to common workplace fixtures that are considered long-term assets and essential to the functioning of a company. Typically including high cost electronic items such as printers, copiers, computers and fax machines, office equipment will see a depreciation of value over time.