Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones are premium smartphone devices that compete at the highest level against the Apple iPhone and Google Pixel. The Samsung Galaxy line up consists of the Galaxy S series; which is currently S20, S20+, and their latest flagship: S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note series, and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip which is a new innovative smartphone with a folding screen. Samsung offers an array of smartphones to attract all types of consumers who would prefer a better camera rather than power, or productivity with a bigger screen rather than a smaller device. Samsung Galaxy Smartphones are contenders within the top companies to produce the best smartphone of the year.

What is the Samsung Galaxy?

Samsung Galaxy is a series of mobile devices designed and developed by Samsung Electronics. Samsung Galaxy devices typically use the Android operating system with the One UI interface. The Samsung Galaxy product line includes the Samsung Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy Tab series, the Samsung Galaxy Note series, and line of smartwatches.

When was the first Samsung Galaxy product released?

The first Samsung Galaxy product released was the Samsung GT-I7500 mobile phone. This product was announced on April 27, 2009 and was released on June 29, 2009. The Samsung GT-17500 was the first-Android powered device released by Samsung. This release placed Samsung in the smartphone market and in competition with Apple.

What are the common differences between Samsung Galaxy phones and Apple iPhones?

One of the most common differences between Samsung Galaxy phone and Apple iPhones is that the iPhone runs iOS platform, while the Samsung Galaxy phones run on Android. Most Apple iPhones on the market do not have headphones jacks while the Samsung Galaxy phones do. Apple also offers software support for their iPhones for a longer period than Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

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