Women Pushing Strollers (Side)

Set out outline drawings of women pushing strollers as viewed from the side elevation

Pushing strollers is an activity usually done by parents or guardians to transport kids. The kids in the strollers are either too young to walk or tire easily. Pushing strollers can be a stressful activity as they cannot fit in tight spaces or crowds easily. Pushing strollers is an activity that many people who raise children are familiar with.


*Under Development*



Drawings include:
Women Pushing Strollers side elevation (detail), side (outline silhouette)

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Pushing is the act of exerting force upon another person or object in order to move them. One might push an inanimate object, such as a large piece of furniture, in an attempt to reposition it, or one might push another object or person to forcibly move said thing out of the way of something else.

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