Z-Shaped Stairs

Collection of plan and elevation drawings of Z-Shaped Stairs with dimensions

A Z-Shaped Staircase is a specialized staircase that is occasionally needed to fit around awkward architecture. It uses two parallel 90° turns that create a shape similar to that of the letter “Z” if seen from above. The stairs follow a zig-zag line with the tread and the rise continuous from start to exit. It is also referred to as a Double L Stair, as it is very similar to the L Stair but with two intermediate landings, one near the top and one near the bottom with a 90° change of direction at each landing.


*Under Development*


Winding Steps:
Narrow End (Min.): 6” | 15 cm
Tread Run (Min.): Must meet required tread dimensions 12” | 30.5 cm inward from narrow end

Width (Min.): 36” | 91.4 cm
Rise (Max.): 7” | 18 cm
Run (Min.): 11” | 28 cm
Landing (Min.): 36” | 91.4 cm
Handrail Height: 34”-38” | 86.5-96.5 cm



Drawings include:
Z-Shaped Stairs side elevation, side (person), front, plan

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Stairs, stairways, staircases, or stairwells, are building components that provide users with a means of vertical movement with the distribution of separate and individual vertical steps. In buildings, a flight of stairs refers to a complete series of steps that connects between two distinct floors.

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