Divina Lounge Chair

Collection of dimensioned drawings of the Divina Lounge Chair labeled in elevation and plan views

The Divina Lounge Chair, a midcentury design chair with clean lines and intuitive luxury, is an excellent option for any interior scene, such as reception area, lobbies, and living rooms. With the Divina Lounge Chair, the back support is canted back to provide comfort, which happens to sit upon chrome-steel legs.

The Divina Lounge Chair has an overall height of 31.5” (80 cm), width of 37.5” (95 cm), and depth of 35.5” (90 cm). The seat height of the Divina Lounge Chair is set at 16.25” (41 cm) with arms at 24.5” (62 cm).


*Under Development*

31.5” | 80 cm
37.5” | 95 cm
35.5” | 90 cm
Seat Height:
16.25” | 41 cm
Arm Height:
24.5” | 62 cm

Hardwood frame; chrome-plated steel base and legs; polyurethane cushions; leather upholstery
Piero Lissoni


Drawings include:
Divina Lounge Chair side elevation, side (person), front, back, plan

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Armchairs are variations of common chairs, but are designed with fixed armrests and are often upholstered and cushioned. The inclusion of arms on a chair provide extra support for users. Armchairs are essential furniture pieces for living rooms, lounges, reception areas, and larger bedrooms.