Climbing is primarily a recreational sport where individuals utilize their hands and feet to climb rock walls, natural topographical objects, or cliffs. Climbing has existed since humans have existed, and requires balance, strength, endurance, and a focused composure. Common types of climbing include bouldering, canyoneering, free climbing, and indoor climbing. Unless free climbing, most individuals use a climbing harness, carabiner, belay and rappel devices, and climbing shoes in order to safely ascend and decent where they climb. While not traditionally seen as a sport, climbing will be an Olympic event for the first time in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

What is sport climbing?

Sport climbing is a type of climbing that relies on permanent anchors anchored to the rock for safety. A is also rope attached to the climber and is clipped into the anchors to prevent a fall. Sport climbing is similar to traditional climbing where the climber uses detachable protection to ascend the mountain.

What should you wear when rock climbing?

When rock climbing, you want to wear something that has a loose fit, sportswear is ideal as it isn’t tight can have material to absorb water and sweat. Protective gear is also recommended, in case of an emergency you always want to be protected.

How do you start rock climbing?

Starting off rock climbing you want to try and practice it indoors at a certified rock climbing gym, this will help you get an idea on how movement and grips interact when you climb. After that, you want to find a qualified guide and have them teach you the different types of climbing. Once that’s done, you gear up and find a route.

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