Alain Robert

Set of illustrations of Alain Robert in various climbing poses dimensioned with overall height

As other climbers prefer to climb only rocks or boulders, the Frenchman, Alain Robert also takes on urban climbing. Thus, he is nicknamed "the French Spider-Man" or "the Human Spider," famous for free solo climbing of skyscrapers without climbing gears, but with only a pair of climbing shoes and a bag of chalk. To successfully climb buildings, he uses protrusions of building walls and windows. His climbs have made him rub shoulders with authorities while also attracting considerable attention and sponsorship. Among buildings he climbed include the Burj Khalifa, Sydney Opera House, Cheung Kong Center, and Petronas Twin Towers.

Group of outline silhouette drawings of Alain Robert in assorted climbing poses

Alain Robert has a height of 5’5” (1.65 m).

How tall is Alain Robert?
Alain Robert is 5 foot 5 inches (1.65 m) tall.


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5’5” | 1.65 m

Nationality: France

Years Active:

August 7, 1962


Drawings include:
Alain Robert standing, climbing (various)

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Climbing is primarily a recreational sport where individuals utilize their hands and feet to climb rock walls, natural topographical objects, or cliffs. Climbing has existed since humans have existed, and requires balance, strength, endurance, and a focused composure.