As its name suggests, individual sport is a competition type where athletes play without teammates. Such games often include golf, tennis, swimming, skiing, and cycling: where athletes compete for a single trophy. Adults and kids from different divisions can play individual sports with each player's skills varying according to the play style and game type. Single match play helps athletes to get individually laser-focused with their personal goals, making personal progress at their own pace, while also developing self-discipline, and focused thinking.

Individual Sports

Squash Ball
1.56”-1.59” | 39.5-40.5 mm (Diameter)
3D model of a Squash Ball viewed in perspective
Tennis Ball
2.575”-2.7” | 6.54-6.86 cm (Diameter)
View of a Tennis Ball in 3D available for download
2.874”-2.972” | 73-75.5 mm (Diameter)
3D model of a Pickleball viewed in perspective
Tennis Net
36” | 91.4 cm (Center); 42” | 106.7 cm (Net Post)
3D model of a Tennis Net viewed in perspective