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Lounging the activity of sitting, leaning, laying, or standing in a relaxed and lazy fashion. One might lounge both indoors and outdoors, though typically the location in which one lounges is conducive to such activity. For example, people typically lounge in the comfort of their dwellings, or perhaps by a pool or lake on a nice afternoon. It is less common to find someone lounging in a stressful or crowded or possibly dangerous environment, such as a subway station or outside during a snowstorm. In such cases, the characteristic relaxed quality of a lounging position would be more difficult to pull off while one’s mind or physical state of being struggles to remain calm. Other species, such as the cat, have a particular knack for lounging.

What is lounging?

Lounging is form of relaxing that allows for rest and leisurely movement. It includes lying, sitting, or standing in a relaxed or lazy way.

How does relaxing relieve stress?

The body’s stress response is to release hormones that increase blood pressure and raise the heart rate. Relaxation responses work to help the body relax to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Some techniques include deep breathing and meditation.

What is a relaxing color?

The color blue is believed to have a cooling and astringent effect. Green symbolizes nature to attract harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety, and pink promotes balance of energies. White is a symbol of clarity and freshness, and violet has the capacity to create balance and allow you to create inner peace. Other relaxing colors are grey and yellow.

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