Cats (Felis catus), often referring to as domestic or house cats, are small carnivorous mammals that are typically domesticated as pets by humans. First kept for the task of hunting mice, cats today remain popular pets because of their friendly and playful companionship. Cat breeds vary by origins, sizes, and coat types that range from shorthair to longhair and hairless breeds. Young cats are called kittens. The word cat also refers to other feline species that includes large wild cats such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, tigers, pumas, and lynx.

What is the largest cat species?

The Liger is the largest cat species in the world. Hercules, a male liger, is the largest living cat in the world weighing 922 lb | 418 kg and having a length of 10’11” | 3.33 m.

What are the benefits of having a cat?

Being a cat owner is often identified with reduced stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, boosted immunity, reduced risk of stroke, and greater sociability.

What are the traits of a cat person?

The stereotypical traits of a ‘cat person’ include being graceful, subtle, independent, mysterious, neurotic, and thoughtful.

Domestic Cats

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