Snowboarding is a competitive and recreational winter sport where individuals balance on a single board, and attempt to move downhill. The first snowboard was invented in the early 1960’s as a child's toy and was the combination of two skis as a single unit. Most snowboards are tall and rectangular in shape with a rounded top and bottom, and are fabricated from a combination of wood, fiberglass and resin. While snowboarding is done recreationally, snowboarding competitions commonly include the alpine, halfpipe, giant slalom, boardercross, and slopestyle events based in speed and overall skill of performance. Snowboarding is now a sport in the Winter Olympics.

How do you get better at snowboarding?

There are plenty of different ways to get better at snowboarding. One important step is filming yourself riding so that you can identify what mistakes your making. Also, when doing an intermediate turn keep your back straight, your core tight, and your knees bent to not fall and continue riding.

When did snowboarding start?

Snowboarding started out in 1965 by an engineer based out of Muskegon, Michigan: Sherman Poppen. He attached two skis together and rope on one end for his daughter so she can control herself as she glided downhill. The invention Sherman made turned into modern-day snowboards.

What is easier: skiing or snowboarding?

In the snowsports world, a common claim people hear and say is that skiing is easy to learn but hard to master, yet snowboarding is hard to learn but easy to master. Of course, everyone is different, but this case is relatively true. If you want to pick up a snowsport really quickly, skiing is the move.


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