IKEA Lisabo TV Unit

Dimensioned set of drawings of the IKEA Lisabo TV Unit with measurements for width, depth and height

The IKEA Lisabo is a simple TV unit that features an extra shelf underneath the main table surface. Designed by K Hagberg for IKEA of Sweden, this TV stand as part of the Lisabo series was awarded with the international Red Dot Award. The design makes for a sturdy, easily-assembled product with parts that can be used together, separately, or for other purposes other than a TV unit. The finish of the Lisabo is enhanced through the use of ash veneer and solid birch, resulting in a light, warm, and natural feeling.

The IKEA Lisabo TV Unit has an overall height of 17.75” (45 cm), width of 44.875” (114 cm), and depth of 15.75” (40 cm).


*Under Development*

17.75” | 45 cm
44.875” | 114 cm
15.75” | 40 cm
Solid birch legs; fiberboard shelf; ash veneer; fiberboard top
K & M Hagberg (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Lisabo TV Unit front elevation, side, plan, front (tv, person)


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