Bathtub Side Clearances

Drawing comparing minimum bathtub side clearances to comfortable clearances with dimensions

Bathtub Side Clearances refer to the standards of clear space maintained alongside a bathtub fixture. Functioning as an access zone for climbing into and out of a standard 24” (60 cm) high bathtub, this clear space often varies in width depending on the floor plan designs and restrictions.

Bathtub side clearances are recommended to maintain a consistent width of 30” (76 cm), with comfortable clearances set at around 44” (112 cm) and extremely minimal widths at 22” (56 cm).

How much clear space should be beside a bathtub?
Bathtubs should maintain a recommended clear width of 30" | 76 cm alongside the entire length of the bath.
What is a comfortable clear width beside a bathtub?
A side clearance of 44” | 112 cm or greater beside a bathtub is a comfortable amount of access space.
How tall is a bathtub?
Bathtubs range in height between 20"-24” | 51-60 cm.


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Clearance Width (Comfortable): 44” | 112 cm
Clearance Width (Recommended): 30” | 76 cm
Clearance Width (Minimum): 22” | 56 cm
Bathtub Height: 20"-24” | 51-60 cm



Drawings include:
Bathtub Side Clearances elevation (minimum), elevation (comfortable)

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Bathtubs, also known as baths and tubs, are bathroom fixtures with the purpose of holding water for bathing. Commonly made with ceramic or porcelain enameled cast iron, bathtubs come in a range of styles and functional designs based on bathroom layouts, space requirements, and user preferences.