TOTO Aimes Freestanding Bathtub

Collection of elevation and plan drawings of the TOTO Aimes Freestanding Bathtub with height, width, and depth dimensions

The TOTO Aimes Freestanding Bathtub is a deep rectangular-shaped bathtub possessing a luxurious and comfortable feel. The tub is made of cast acrylic material, spots two pillows, one at either end for relaxation, and a slip-resistant surface that allow one to get in and out of the tub with ease.

Pair of section drawings of the TOTO Aimes Freestanding Bathtub showing the inside shape of the bathtub

The TOTO Aimes Freestanding Bathtub has an overall height of 23.6875” (66.2 cm), length of 71.5” (181.6 cm), width of 36.1875” (91.9 cm), and total depth of 19” (48.3 cm).


*Under Development*

23.6875” | 66.2 cm
36.1875” | 91.9 cm
19” | 48.3 cm
71.5” | 181.6 cm

Water Depth: 15.3” | 38.9 cm

Volume: 88 gal | 333 L

Cast acrylic


Drawings include:
TOTO Aimes Freestanding Bathtub front elevation, side, plan


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Bathtubs, also known as baths and tubs, are bathroom fixtures with the purpose of holding water for bathing. Commonly made with ceramic or porcelain enameled cast iron, bathtubs come in a range of styles and functional designs based on bathroom layouts, space requirements, and user preferences.