Big Ass Fans Directional Fan - Black Jack

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Big Ass Fans Directional Fan (Black Jack) with height, depth and width

The Big Ass Directional Fan (Black Jack) was designed to fit through standard interior doors, handles on both sides, and has rubbers wheels that can be used both inside or outside. It is light enough for one person to easily move it. This fan is suitable for narrow aisles, crowded spaces, and outdoor venues.

The Big Ass Fans Directional Fan (Black Jack) has a height of 78” (198.1 cm), width of 84” (213.4 cm), and depth of 29” (73.7 cm).


*Under Development*

78” | 198.1 cm
84” | 213.4 cm
29” | 73.7 cm
310 lb | 141 kg

Power: 466-473 W

Preassembled steel frame; polyamide nylon blades; polyethylene housing
Big Ass Fans


Drawings include:
Big Ass Fans Directional Fan - Black Jack side elevation, front, plan


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A ceiling fan is an electrically powered mechanical fan that is mounted on the ceiling of a space. Unlike air conditioners, fans do not change the air temperature, but instead use hub-mounted rotating blades to move the still and hot air of a room with various speeds of movement.