Burdick Group Tables - Rectangular

Series of measured drawings of the Burdick Group Table (Rectangular) labeled with height, width, and length

The Burdick Group Table begins rectangular in form, but lends itself open for expansion via modular components. Designed by Bruce Burdick, the Burdick Group Table keeps functionality in mind in its design with the implementation of a power cord control within the aluminum center beam and routes through the table legs for cables to run through inconspicuously.

Dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the small variation of the Burdick Group Table (Rectangular)

The Burdick Group Tables (Rectangular) have an overall height of 28.5” (72 cm), widths of 30”, 36” (76, 91 cm), and respective lengths of 60”, 72” (152, 183 cm)


*Under Development*

28.5” | 72 cm
30”, 36” | 76, 91 cm
60”, 72” | 152, 183 cm
Glass or stone tabletop ; aluminum base and bracket structure
Bruce Burdick


Drawings include:
Burdick Group Tables (Rectangular) front elevation, side, plan. Multiple widths and length variations included


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