Burdick Group Tables - Oval

Set of dimensioned drawings of the Burdick Group Tables (Oval) labeled with height, width, and length in plan and elevation

The Burdick Group Table can be configured a variety of ways (L, S, T, or U shapes), in order to support different work methods. Designed by Bruce Burdick, the Burdick Group Table features a central aluminum beam and a surface top in glass or stone. The Burdick Group Table was designed to be highly performative, distinctive in appearance, and customizable according to space and activity.

Dimensioned drawings of the Burdick Group Tables (Oval) in the large size

The Burdick Group Tables (Oval) have an overall height of 28.5” or 36” (72, 91 cm), width of 36" (91 cm), and come in lengths of 108” or 120” (274, 305 cm)


*Under Development*

28.5”, 36” | 72, 91 cm
36" | 91 cm
108”, 120” | 274, 305 cm
Glass or stone tabletop ; aluminum base and bracket structure
Bruce Burdick

Drawings include:
Burdick Group Tables (Oval) front elevation, side, plan. Height and size variations included

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