IKEA Bekant Conference Table - 3-Piece

Plan and elevation drawings of the IKEA Bekant Conference Table (3-Piece) with dimensions for length, width, and height

The 3-Piece IKEA Bekant Conference Table is a 3-piece table that combines together to enable up to ten chairs to be arranged comfortably. The conference table has an oak, ash, or melamine veneer finish on top of each of the three pieces and is supported by eight steel/polyester legs. Each section of the IKEA Bekant 3-Piece Conference Table can be adjusted by detaching or extending the table to the needed seats within the space.

The 3-Piece IKEA Bekant Conference Table has an overall height of 28.75" (73 cm), length of 110.25" (280 cm), and width of 55.125" (140 cm).


*Under Development*

28.75” | 73 cm
55.125” | 140 cm
110.25” | 280 cm
Particleboard and ABS plastic top; powder coated steel frame and legs
K Malmvall & E Lilja Löwenhielm (IKEA)


Drawings include:
IKEA Bekant Conference Table (3-Piece) front elevation, front (person), side, plan

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A conference table is a long and wide table used for meetings and gatherings, typically in a workplace. Conference tables have a larger and wider table top than a standard dining table, and provides ample room for paper and important materials for convenience and efficiency.