Butterfly | BKF Chair

Collection of drawings of the Butterfly | BKF Chair from the side, front, and plan with dimensions

The Butterfly Chair, also known as the BKF chair, is a modern chair consisting of a self-supporting slung surface over a steel framework structure. Designed in 1938 by the trio of architects Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan, and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy with the goal of creating a lightweight, collapsible, and portable seating solution, the Butterfly Chair achieves its purpose by using a single suspended material that functions as both seat and covering. Featuring a hammock-like level of comfort and and a universally simple design, the Butterfly Chair is a classic concept that has led to numerous duplicates. The seating surface can be customized and is typically leather, canvas, or a variety of other fabrics.

The Butterfly Chair has a width of 32.25” (82 cm), a depth of 30” (76 cm), a back height of 35.5” (90 cm), and a seat height of 12.5” (32 cm).


*Under Development*

35.5” | 90 cm
32.25” | 82 cm
30.0” | 76 cm
Seat Height:
12.5” | 32 cm
Arm Height:

Steel frame structure; Leather, canvas, fabric seat
Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan, Jorge Ferrari Hardoy


Drawings include:
Butterfly | BKF Chair front elevation, front (person), side, plan

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