Pot Lounge Chair

Set of plan and elevation drawings of the Pot Lounge Chair with dimensions

Similar to the Swan and Egg chairs, the Pot chair was originally designed by Arne Jacobson for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The Pot is a welcoming seat formed by one geometry that makes up the seat, back, and armrests to hold the user in its hollow form.

The Pot Lounge Chair has an overall height of 27.5” (70 cm), width of 29.75” (76 cm), and depth of 23.75” (60 cm). The seat height of the Pot Lounge Chair is set at 17.0” (43 cm) with arms sloping between 22.0"-26.0" (56-66 cm).


*Under Development*

27.5” | 70 cm
29.75” | 76 cm
23.75” | 60 cm
Seat Height:
17” | 43 cm
Arm Height:
22"-26" | 56-66 cm

Fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane foam shell; chrome steel base; fabric upholstery
Arne Jacobsen


Drawings include:
Pot Lounge Chair side elevation, side (person sitting), front, back, plan

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