Crawling - Baby Boys (Side)

Detailed side elevation drawings of baby boys in a variety of crawling postures

Babies crawl as a means of transportation before they can walk. At six months, babies begin to rock as a precursor to crawling. Once the baby is nine months, they can usually crawl. Crawling is the step before walking. Crawling is the first opportunity the baby now has to be independently mobile and curious crawling babies can get in trouble if not watched closely.

Collection of side profile outlines of baby boys crawling


*Under Development*



Drawings include:
Baby Boys Crawling side elevations

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Crawling is a type of movement that engages all four limbs. It is one of the earliest forms of movement learned by human babies, as it precedes one’s ability to walk on two legs. Beyond being a preliminary form of movement for kids, one might crawl because of an inability to walk on two legs.

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