Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana)

Illustrated yoga poses of women performing the Supported Headstand

Supported Head Stand is an intermediate inversion that can also be considered a balancing posture. Supported Head Stand strengthens the arms, legs, and back and as an inversion is known to help calm the mind and relieve symptoms of depression. Supported Head Stand can also activate the pituitary and pineal glands.

Assorted silhouettes of men and women in the Supported Headstand

To do Supported Head Stand, kneel on the ground and put the forearms to the mat with the fingers intertwined. Next, place the top of the head on the mat, tucked into the hands, and lift the hips. Here is where it gets tricky, lift the legs so that the feet and ankles are lifted completely upright, toes pointed to the air. Try using a wall or a partner to help with getting into the posture.


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Sanskrit Name:
Salamba Sirsasana

Drawings include:
Supported Headstand elevations (men & women), outline silhouettes

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