Queen Bedroom Layouts

Floorplan layouts for two typical configurations of Queen Bedrooms with side or front closet

Queen Bedroom layouts are recommended planning guidelines for organizing bedrooms based on the standard dimensions of a Queen Size Bed. When designing bedrooms, adequate clearances should be provided around all three sides of the bed that are not against the wall. Additional clearances are recommended whenever possible to provide greater comfort for queen bed users.

Commonly used in bedrooms layouts for a couple, Queen size beds are 80” (203 cm) long and 60” (152 cm) wide. Minimum clearances of 30” (76.2 cm) and comfortable clearances of 36” (91.4 cm) are recommended around the perimeter of a Queen size bed. Bedrooms with Queen beds should have minimum areas of roughly 106 ft2 (9.8 m2) for a bed with clearance, to between 128-131 ft2 (11.9-12.1 m2) for bed clearance with closet and desk.

What are the dimensions of a Queen Size Bed?
Queen size beds are 80” (6'8") | 203 cm long and 60” (5') | 152 cm wide.
How much space should you leave around your Queen Size Bed?
Minimum clearances of 30” | 76.2 cm and comfortable clearances of 36” | 91.4 cm are recommended around the perimeter of a Queen size bed. As Queen size beds are popular for couples, greater clearance spaces should be provided whenever possible.
What is a comfortable bedroom size for a Queen Size Bed?
Bedrooms with Queen size beds should have minimum floor plan areas of around 106 ft2 | 9.8 m2 (bed with clearance) to between 128-131 ft2 | 11.9-12.1 m2 (bed clearance with closet and desk).


*Under Development*


Bed Size: 60” x 80” | 152 x 203 cm
Length (Min.): 9’2” | 2.79 m
Width (Min.): 10’ | 3.05 m
Length: 9’8” | 2.95 m
Width: 11’ | 3.35 m
Area: 106 ft2 | 9.8 m2



Drawings include:
Queen Bedroom clearances, plan layout (side closet), plan (front closet)

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Bedrooms are rooms in residential buildings furnished as spaces for people to sleep. Sized proportionally in relation to a variety of standard bed sizes, bedrooms are typically desired to be individual rooms that provide a degree of privacy to their users.