Cyrus Divan

Set of dimensioned elevation and plan drawings of the Cyrus Divan measured for length, width and depth

The Cyrus Divan is an elongated divan sofa that was designed by Habitat. It was designed to sit along a wall or corner rather than in the middle of a room. The Cyrus Divan provides an enclosed feeling through the sturdy partitions on the back and left sides while also leaving you completely open from the front and right side.

Plan and elevation drawings of the Cyrus Divan with pillows

The Cyrus Divan has an overall height of 24.375” (62 cm), width of 76.75" (195 cm), and depth of 43.25” (110 cm). The seat height of the Cyrus Divan is set at 15.125” (38 cm).


*Under Development*

24.375” | 62 cm
76.75” | 195 cm
43.25” | 110 cm
Seat Height:
15.125” | 38 cm
Fabric upholstery


Drawings include:
Cyrus Divan front elevation, front (person), side, back, plan, drawings with pillows

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A divan is a long furniture piece with a single mattress to sit on and cushions to rest against. Divans originate from the middle east, and per tradition, continue to be placed against a wall or in the corner of a room rather than in the center.