GE Drop-In Electric Range

Dimensioned plan and elevation drawings of the GE Drop-In Electric Range

The GE Drop-In Electric Range is the perfect drop-in electric range for multi-dish preparation. The ceramic glass cooktop allows for easy clean and the electronic touchpads for easy adjustment of cooking temperatures. The oven spots two oven racks that you can adjust to different positions, a dual-bake feature that produces even heat and consistent results, and a delay bake feature that allows a user to cook according to schedule.

The GE Drop-In Electric Range has an overall height of 27” (69 cm), width of 31.25” (79 cm), and depth of 28.5” (72 cm).


*Under Development*

27” | 69 cm
31.25” | 79 cm
28.5” | 72 cm
GE Appliances


Drawings include:
GE Drop-In Electric Range front elevation, plan

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Stoves, often referred interchangeably as ranges, are common kitchen appliances consisting of an oven and cooktop used for cooking food. Kitchen ranges today are available as either natural gas or electric powered appliances, and are designed as either freestanding, slide-in, or drop-in units.