Instagram Feed Images - Ads

Instagram Feed Images (Ads) are ads that appear in the feed of users and have call-to-action buttons such as apply now or book now. These kinds of ads allow brands to showcase products as well as services through captivating static images. These ads appear to be Instagram image posts as they have native formatting.

Instagram Feed Ad Images have a landscape height of 608 px or square height of 1080 px, width of 1080 px, and support aspect ratio of 1.91:1 (Landscape) and 1:1 (Square). Instagram Feed Image Ads support JPG and PNG formats with a maximum file size of 30 MB. Captions have a maximum of 125 characters.


*Under Development*

608 px (Landscape); 1080 px (square)
1080 px
Aspect Ratio:
1.91:1 (Landscape); 1:1 (Square)
72 dpi (Screen)

Formats: JPG, PNG 

Caption Text: 125 character (max)

Print Sizes: 15” x 8.44” | 381 x 214.5 mm (landscape); 15” x 15” | 381 x 381 mm (square)

File Size:
30 MB (max)


Drawings include:
Instagram Feed Images (Ads) interface mockup

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Instagram (IG) is a social networking platform based around sharing photos and videos. Launched in October 2010, Instagram gave users a series of filters that could be used to alter photos and the concept quickly gained popularity.