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Instagram Feed Video Ads are advertisements that appear on a user’s Instagram feed and feature call-to-action buttons that tell users to apply now or call now. These feed video ads appear like organic feed videos and provide an efficient call-to-action. They are able to target a specific audience.

Instagram Feed Video Ads have heights of either 608 px (Landscape) or 1080 px (square) and width of 1080 px. Aspect ratio are respectively either 1.91:1 (Landscape) or 1:1 (Square). Instagram Feed Video Ads support MP4 (recommended) and MOV formats with a maximum file size of 4 GB (max). Video durations of up to 120 seconds are supported, with a maximum caption of 125 characters.


*Under Development*

608 px (Landscape); 1080 px (square)
1080 px
Aspect Ratio:
1.91:1 (Landscape); 1:1 (Square)
72 dpi (Screen)

Formats: MP4 (recommended), MOV
Duration: 120 seconds (max)

Frame Rate: 30 FPS (max)

Caption Text: 125 character (max)
Print Sizes: 15” x 8.44” | 381 x 214.5 mm (landscape); 15” x 15” | 381 x 381 mm (square)

File Size:
4 GB (max)


Drawings include:
Instagram Feed Video Ads interface mockup

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Instagram (IG) is a social networking platform based around sharing photos and videos. Launched in October 2010, Instagram gave users a series of filters that could be used to alter photos and the concept quickly gained popularity.