Lavender Bushes

Multiple drawings with dimensions of various sized Lavender Bushes

Lavender bushes is an aromatic herbaceous perennial that is popular for its vibrant purple flowers. Adding bright color and powerful scents to gardens during their mid-summer bloom, Lavender plants are often clustered in masses as hedges or used as middle bushes placed between short flowers and taller trees.

Lavender bushes grow to relatively equal heights and widths of 20”-24” (51-61 cm).

What is a Lavender bush?
Lavender bushes is an aromatic herbaceous perennial that is popularly used in gardens for its brilliant purple flowers and powerful scent.
How big is a Lavender bush?
Lavender bushes commonly grow between 20”-24” | 51-61 cm tall with a similar spread.
When does the Lavender bush bloom?
Lavender bushes typically bloom in mid-summer and can bloom earlier in the summer in warmer climates.


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Height: 20”-24” | 50.8-61 cm
Width: 20”-24” | 50.8-61 cm
Bloom: Summer
Flower: Blue to purple
Care: Water occasionally; good drainage; dry to medium soil; full sun and air circulation
Scientific name: Lavandula angustifolia



Drawings include:
Lavender Bush elevations (multiple)

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Bushes are small to medium-sized plants characterized by having woody stems that are located above the ground. With multiple stems and shorter heights than trees, bushes are commonly differentiated from shrubs by their natural presence in the wild and foliage that often nearly touches the ground.

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