Blue Fescue

Collection of elevation drawings of Blue Fescue plants with varying heights

Blue Fescue, also known as blue mountain grass, is a dome-shaped flowering ornamental grass that is known for its blue-gray foliage. Finely textured in individual clumps, Blue Fescue is a drought tolerant shrub, though it prefers regularly watering, that blooms in late-spring and early-summer with pale yellow flowers. Because they are often understated, Blue Fescue plantings are easy to care for and pair well with larger and more dramatic plants.

Finely textured in individual clumps, Blue Fescue shrubs reach heights of 8”-12” (20-30.5 cm) and spread between 6”-9” (15-23 cm).

What is a Blue Fescue plant?
Blue Fescue is a flowering ornamental grass that forms small erect tufts.
How big is a Blue Fescue plant?
Blue Fescue grows to heights between 8”-12” | 20-30.5 cm with a spread of 6”-9” | 15-23 cm.
How much water does a Blue Fescue plant need?
Blue Fescue plants have average water demands and require weekly watering during hot summer months.


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Height: 8”-12” | 20-30.5 cm
Width: 6”-9” | 15-23 cm
Bloom: Early summer
Flower: Greenish to yellow
Care: Water weekly; well drained; dry to medium soil; full sun
Scientific name: Festuca glauca



Drawings include:
Blue Fescue Plant elevation (multiple)

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Shrubs, also described interchangeably as bushes, are small to medium-sized plants with woody above ground stems. With multiple stems and heights that are shorter than trees, shrubs are distinguished from bushes by being cultivated and shaped in garden settings and more upright foliage.

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