Line Storage Bed

Collection of drawings of the Queen Size Line Storage Bed with height, width, length, and platform height dimensions

The Line Storage Bed is a design of Nathan Yong that aims to imitate the natural landscape using sharp horizontal lines. There is very little space underneath, but the two large drawers are ideal for extra storage and make it well suited for the bedroom. The Line Storage Bed is large enough to fit two people and is available in either a queen or king-size.

Dimensioned set of drawings of the King Size Line Storage Bed with elevation and plan views

The Line Storage Bed has an overall height of 36” (91 cm), and is manufactured with various widths that range between 64.75”-80.75” (164-205 cm), and a length of 84.75” (215 cm). The platform height of the Line Storage Bed is set at 15.25” (39 cm).


*Under Development*

36” | 91 cm
64.75”-80.75” | 164-205 cm
84.75” | 215 cm
Platform Height:
15.25” | 39 cm
Footboard Height:

Queen: 84.75” x 64.75” | 215 x 164 cm
King: 84.75” x 80.75” | 215 x 205 cm

Oak or walnut frame; MDF headboard with oak or walnut veneer; wood drawers
Nathan Yong


Drawings include:
Line Storage Bed Queen, King Bed Sizes: side elevation, front, back, plan


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