Nelson Platform Bench

Dimensioned drawings of the Nelsen Platform Bench with measurements on the front, side, and plan views

The Nelson Platform Bench is a multi-functional rectangular midcentury bench that can be used as seating, as a table, or a platform base as necessary. Designed by George Nelson in 1946, the Nelson Platform Bench is constructed using finger-jointed solid maple or walnut connections for additional strength. A design variation with metal legs is also available.

Alternative smaller and longer lengths of the Nelson Platform Bench with dimensions

The Nelson Platform Bench is set on trapezoidal legs and comes in three lengths: a short bench of 48” (121.9 cm), mid-sized at 60” (152.4 cm), and a long length of 72” (182.9 cm). The bench has a height of 14” (35.6 cm) with a depth of 18.5” (47 cm).


*Under Development*

14” | 36 cm
18.5” | 47 cm
48"-72” | 122-183 cm

Length (Small): 48.0” | 122 cm
Length (Medium): 60.0” | 152 cm
Length (Large): 72.0” | 183 cm

Maple or walnut slats, ebonized maple legs
George Nelson


Drawings include:
Nelson Platform Bench front elevation, front (woman sitting), side, plan, front/plan (long), front/plan (short)


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