Tables are pieces of furniture that have a flat smooth surface and are supported by one or more legs. Serving a range of specialized tasks, uses, and spatial demands, tables are adjustable and adaptable to the wide spectrum of human activities and functions such as eating, working and recreational activities. The design of a table is commonly concerned with elements that include the size, height and shape of the tabletop surface, type of legs, flexibility, adaptability, portability, weight, and materiality. Most tables are utilized throughout both homes and workplaces as desks, dining tables, coffee tables, and even table tennis. Designed out of stone, wood, metal, glass and many other materials, tables provide a perfect surface for a variety of uses.

How tall is a typical table?

A typical kitchen table is between 28 and 30 inches (71.1 – 76.2 cm) tall. The exact height of a table typically depends on its style, function, and type of chair that goes with it. Bar style tables are generally either 36 inches (91.4 cm) tall or the full bar height of 42 inches (106.6 cm) above the ground.

What does it mean to ‘bring something to the table’?

The saying ‘to bring something to the table’ means that someone can provide something that will be a benefit or contribution to the conversation. Someone who ‘brings something to the table’ can provide something that will improve the condition of the other person or group, essentially making their life better than it was before.

How do you refinish a table?

Start to refinish a table by sanding all surfaces being sure to remove any stains. Wipe away sanding dust and apply a stain with a brush following the direction of the wood’s grain. Apply at least 2 coats of stains, sanding between each coat. Finish the table by applying a polyurethane coat after the stain is dry.


Drum Pouf - Wide
12” (13.5” with tray) | 30.5 cm (34 cm with tray)
3D model of the Drum Pouf Wide viewed in perspective
Drum Pouf - High
15.75” (17.25” with tray) | 40 cm (45 cm with tray)
Perspective view of a 3D model of the Drum Pouf - High
IKEA Granboda Nesting Tables
18.125”, 18.875”, 19.625” | 46, 47.9, 49.8 cm
Perspective view of a 3D model of the IKEA Granboda Nesting Tables
Tray Side Table
13.5”, 17.25”, 21.25” | 34.3, 43.8, 54 cm
3D model of the Tray Side Table viewed in perspective